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When you want a Ford it’s because you want quality, you want dependability, you want something that is going to be there for you. Why should you ask for anything less from your dealership? At Hammonasset Ford we don’t think you should. You can rely on the quality of our customer service and of our car care service. We are dependable and we will be here for you when you need us. There are a lot of places that you can go when it comes to Ford, but we believe that Hammonasset Ford is the only dealership in Southern Connecticut that goes above and beyond the call of duty to represent the great Ford brand.

It is our goal to offer our customers everything that they could ever want when it comes to Ford. If you take a look at our selection of new Ford vehicles you can see what we mean. Ford is such a great manufacturer to be involved with and we want to make sure that every Ford that you could possibly want is represented on our lot. If a used Ford is more up your alley, then we can help you out there too. Of course, if quality car service is what you are after, we have that as well. All your Ford needs can be met right here at Hammonasset Ford.


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Welcome to our Ford dealership in New Haven CT

New Fords are truly amazing aren’t they? You can love them for their style, their reliability, their performance, or their beautiful interiors. With so much to love it is no wonder why Ford is such a popular brand in Connecticut and in America. With Hammonasset Ford, it doesn’t matter which new Ford you love because we always try to have them all. Our lot is filled with cars, trucks, and SUVs, all waiting to be test driven. Come and see us and we will talk about it and find just the Ford for you. Our staff is friendly and cares about every customer that steps through our doors. This means that you will never have to worry about them pushing you into a car that you don’t want. When you are here there is no pressure, only options.

We know that not everyone is in the market for a new Ford. Sometimes we just aren’t ready for one, and that’s okay. At Hammonasset Ford we value our used car customers and provide them with only the highest quality pre-owned Ford vehicles in the area. If you can’t find what you need on our lot, then just come and talk to us. Our staff is always on the look out for great pre-owned Ford vehicles to bring on our lot. Let us keep an eye out for your future car. You may also be interested to know that we offer a great trade-in service to help you get into that new car with less financial burden. Jump on over to our trade-in calculator to see just what we are talking about.

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When your car was first assembled by Ford they were very careful and very meticulous. They used only the best parts and the best people to get your Ford out on the roads, and at Hammonasset Ford we do the same thing. Our service center will take care of your car in the manner that it deserves, without making sacrifices of quality like other shops make. Your Ford deserves more than that. It deserves the work of our highly trained and skilled technicians who do the job quickly, and do the job right, every time./p>

Your car also deserves high quality parts, that why Hammonasset Ford only uses genuine factory approved parts to ensure that your car is returned to its former glory. Our parts department guys will work hard to make sure that they have selected the right part for the job, and the right part to get your Ford back out on the streets. Our wide selection of parts is here at your disposal so that when you need a part we will have it, and if, on the off-chance, we don’t have it t, then we can get it and get it fast. Of course, our service technicians can also install that part if you should need it. Let Hammonasset Ford get your Ford the right part, right here in Madison, CT.

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